Sheep and goat assessor joins Simstock team

Owner ofSimstock, Richard Simpson says his company offers personal client service withlocal and national market insight and has established relationships across vastnetworks.

“We area progressive agency,” Mr Simpson said, “and in recent tough times we havecontinued to strive and adjust our marketing strategies to ensure our clientsneeds are well met.”

He saidAndrew’s role will be to assess sheep and goats for Auctions Plus, as well assheep and cattle private sales. It is anticipated that accreditationfor Cattle Auctions Plus Assessment will come in the future.

Andrewand his wife, Sally, co-purchased the local property ‘Hazelwood’ in 2018 andhave since made it home with their two young boys, Will and Charlie. They run amixed sheep and cattle enterprise that consists of Merino Ewes and Angus Crosscattle.

Andrewgrew-up on a mixed grazing and farming property that was involved in sheep,cattle and dryland cropping 50km west of Roma. His family connections stillcontinue to operate the ‘Roselea’ Merino Sheep Stud.

Afterleaving school, he completed a Bachelor of Agriculture Science at the Universityof Queensland. Prior to moving to Longreach they lived in Roma where Andrew manageda livestock and irrigation enterprise for a large corporate company.

Andrewhas a keen interest in the sheep and cattle industry, having grown-up with it overhis entire life, and enjoys working with clients to gain the best return fortheir product.

To havea chat to Andrew, please contact him on 0409 108 976.