RESQ make job seeking simpler in the Outback

RESQ’s OutbackQueensland Jobs Board was first discussed in early April, with development beginningfour weeks prior to its launch on Monday, May 25.

The online jobsboard allows employers to post advertisements for employment opportunities,while jobseekers can search for jobs regionally or nationwide. Jobseekers arealso able to upload their resume and customise their profile in order to grabthe attention of businesses.

RESQ CEO, ChrisHamilton, believes the online service is easily-accessible and convenient foremployers and job seekers as both continue to suffer due to Covid-19.

“As we come outof Covid-19 shutdown, employers are looking to get staff back on board, so theyneed to easily let people know,” Mr Hamilton said. “The online format is quick,easily interactive, and employers and job seekers can set alerts, emails, andso many other functionalities.

“Those outsidethe region can apply for jobs, bringing new talent into the community, and ifpeople want to leave the region, they can apply for those jobs as well. We aredeveloping broadened awareness for regional and nationwide jobs by creating atwo-way flow of employment opportunities,” Mr Hamilton continued.

“Get on, have alook, and use it. The more registries there are, the more powerful and usefulit will be.”

OutbackQueensland Jobs is a free online service for job seekers and employers, and canbe found by visiting