Manage your industry after the dry

Beef up your income…the beef industry will be one of two industries discussed during the three-part webinar on how producers can uphold their financial status (credit: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries)

From Friday,June 5 to Thursday, June 11, the three-part webinar series will run for onehour across three days, allowing producers to attend the webinar most relevantto their business and opportunities for engagement available through Q&Asessions.

Webinar speakersfrom DAF include Senior Industry Development Officer Kristie Clark, PrincipalBeef Extension Officer Mick Sullivan, Biosecurity Officer Erica Noonan, SeniorDevelopment Extension Officer Rod Collins, and Economist James Hagan Economist,with Bronwyn Schultz from the Rural Financial Counselling Service in southernQueensland also set to speak.

DAF SeniorIndustry Development Officer, Hayley Eames, said the webinar will be helpful toproducers struggling to maintain a positive income, believing those involved inthe beef and grain industries should plan their future now in order to recoverfrom an ever-lasting drought.

“This three-part webinar series is designedto provide practical strategies to assist grain and beef producers in returningto a positive cash flow and profitable enterprise as quickly as possible,” MsEames said. “They are short one to one and a half hour sessions broken downinto targeted key areas; financial management, beef industry, and grainsindustry.

“Rainfall has been very patchy right acrosscentral Queensland. Some areas have received decent falls earlier this year,while others missed out altogether,” Ms Eames continued.

“Whether producers are preparing forrecovery, are already in the midst of recovery, or are still dealing with thedry, there will come a time when they will need to be considering their droughtrecovery approach.”

Registration for the ‘Making profitablemanagement decisions after the dry’ webinars is available at