Outer Barcoo Interpretation Centre facing extensive repairs

The facility had been closed to comply with COVID-19 restrictions butthe discovery means the centre will remain closed, even as restrictions arelifted, until repairs can be carried out.

The damage was detected during a routine inspection and the infestationis said to have gone undetected for approximately six months. The cause of theinfestation is thought to be a shift in the foundations due to ground movement.

Council inspectors were surprised to discover that no termite protectionhad been built into the original design in 2006. Although building codes havechanged in the 14 years since the centre opened, no termite barriers were addedat construction.

Mayor Tony Rayner said Council was committed to re-opening the centre.

“The Outer Barcoo Interpretation Centre is a vital part of Council’s commitmentto our region’s visitor economy. We’re fully committed to re-opening the centreso that visitors can experience the natural history and cultural heritage ofthe Outer Barcoo.”

The infestation has already been treated and it is estimated that thefacility will be pest free within a matter of weeks. Once the building isconfirmed pest-free, repairs can begin.

In the meantime, Council has begun seeking quotes to assess the cost ofthe work and how long repairs will take.