Feeding the multitude

On Saturday,July 25, Isisford residents witnessed the unveiling of the community’s newest Yellowbellyicon.

In frontof a 60-strong crowd, Rob and Julie Anderson, from Ando’s Food Barn, unveiledtheir Yellowbelly Burger — a gastronomic giant made from 2kg of mince, gratedcarrots, diced onions and some secret sauces.

The bun,made by Schutler’s Bakery in Blackall, has enough dough to make two and a halfloaves of bread.

Theburger ingredients also included a mountain of salad and six rashers of bacon,along with some delicious home-made relish. The burger measures 580cm long and180cm wide.

Reminiscentof feeding the multitude, the burger was sliced-up for patrons to sample andmaybe take-on the challenge of eating it solo.

Rob sayshe welcomes individuals to have a go at eating this burger, and have their namesrecorded on a trophy, along with the time to consume the monster.

A coupleof locals have already accepted the challenge, so watch this space.