Littleproud wins UN backdown

Australian Minister forAgriculture, David Littleproud, said last week the UN’s attempt to blame meatproducers for driving climate change was reckless and irresponsible, anddeserved the strong condemnation with which it was met.

“I make no apology for defendingAustralia’s meat producers against unfair and irresponsible attacks from the UN,and I am pleased that they have deleted their out-of-touch tweet.

“It was also irresponsible tocompare emissions from meat production to those created by the oil industry,exposing a fundamental misunderstanding and a deliberate misrepresentation ofthe science.

“As I said earlier this week, Australianmeat producers were amongst the most sustainable land managers andenvironmental stewards in the world, and we are committed to supporting them intheir noble task of helping feed the world.

“The fact that the UN’santi-meat Twitter campaign lasted just days demonstrates how out-of-touch theinternational body was found to be on this issue.

“I hope the UN will act less likean activist organisation in future and instead focus on their job of promotingpeace and prosperity,” Minister Littleproud said.