A humble nod to Wintons newest councillor

New Winton Councillor Frank Standfast with Mayor Gavin Baskett. PHOTO: Supplied

Cr Frank Standfast has officially joined the team after he won over 47 per cent of the vote in the recent by-election.

The February by-election was necessary after Cr Sandy Gillies announced her resignation in December last year.

Cr Standfast said he was shocked by the win.

“I’m nothing special, I just love me town mate,” he said.

“I just want to do what’s best for it and hopefully help out if I can, no different to anyone else.”

Cr Standfast was overwhelmed and truly humbled by the vast number of votes for his appointment as new councillor.

“I made the decision after a lot of deliberation to actually run,” he said.

“It was a little bit overwhelming to get that support.

“Apparently a few people must of thought it was a good idea because I got a lot more votes than I though I would.

“Whatever supports growth and sustainability.”

When asked about what he wanted to say to the people about his landslide win, Cr Standfast stoically responded with words any Central West local would smile at.

“Thank them very much for their support obviously,” he said.

“I was pretty nervous to start with, I think that’s made me a little more nervous because I have to repay that faith, they have in me.

“I hope I can do that for them, I really do.

“We’re all about the same thing, we’re very passionate about our little shire I reckon.

Cr Standfast was both nervous and overjoyed to accept the role at the Winton Shire Council meeting last week.

“I’m going in with a clear mind,” he said.

Winton Shire Council by-election was first-past-the-post as determined in the Local Government Electoral Act for an undivided council.

Cr Standfast attended the Winton schools and currently works for the Departmen of Transport and Main Roads.