Full STEAM ahead for Science Centre

Hands on with robotics at the Outback Exploratorium. PHOTO: Amelia Gordon

THERE were celebrations at the Outback Exploratorium last Thursday as the facility celebrated its inaugural birthday party event.
The event was the first in what the venue hoped to be the first of many.
Outback Exploratorium Operations Manager Renee Firth said the event was a great success.
“We had the first birthday party yesterday. That was awesome,” Mrs Firth said.
“They used the robots with the iPads. They also made magnetic slime, so there’s a few different options.
“The kids had a really good time yesterday.”
Mrs Firth said the Exploratorium offers various programs to its community, with more planned for the future.
She said the “Parasites in the Wild” program had proved particularly successful.
“They have been collecting and doing community collections for tics and things through the holidays and throughout term,” she said.
“They come here and identify them. They’re making microscopes.”
Mrs Firth said the organisation’s move from their previous venue to their current location on Ruby Street would hopefully increase awareness about the services they offer.
’-type: imageimage:- ’/assets/science-centre-2.jpg“We’re just after a bit more street exposure, and people knowing the Science Centre exists,” she said.
“Part of our facility will include a retail space.
“The idea of that is… any funds that are made. including the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) lab… are to be put back into STEAM education and facilities for our communities.”
Mrs Firth said there were various programs available, for ages from three to 12, with the potential for more in the future.
“There’s plenty of options to have some teenage activities… as well as adult activities in the evenings,” she said.
“From classes, crafts… anything that there’s a need for in our community.
“We’re just serving the community in a community space.”