Grazier, footy champ, now ambassador

May28Ambassador.jpg Ambassador Edward Donaldson, Weather journalist Jenny Woodward, and Alpha Showgirl Jontti Arnold. PHOTO: Supplied

EDWARD Donaldson was named rural ambassador at the Alpha Show last week and plans to use his time as ambassador to inspire younger people to take up community work.

Born and raised in Rockhampton, Mr Donaldson went on to become a professional rugby union player for the Wests Bulldogs in Brisbane, but he moved back in 2019 to take over his parent’s operation in Ilfracombe.

He now owns stations all over the central west with his wife Latisha and son Jake Donaldson and lives with them in Alpha.

When Mr Donaldson moved back, he became the coach of the Alpha Brumbies Rugby League team but noticed that community leaders were often members of the old guard.

He said the reason he put his hand up for the rural ambassador position was so he could help build the community for the younger generation.

“The position wasn’t too popular, but if I can turn one head into coming and helping then I’ve achieved my goal,” he said.

“I no longer want it to just be the same old fellas.”

Despite this, Mr Donaldson said he was pleased with how the show went, despite there not being an Alpha Show for three years due to drought and COVID-19.

“It went off with a bang,” he said.

“But the aim is now to get a few more young people involved.”

As coach of the Brumbies, Mr Donaldson noticed a lot more younger players involved this year.

“Maybe we can get those younger players to be interested in joining in and helping community events as well,” he said.

“More hands lead to light work.

Mr Donaldson added the community did a fantastic job and he believes they will be back and better next year.