Winton Fat Cattle Yards gain extension

The new cattle yards were featured at the Winton show this month. PHOTO: Supplied.

A NEW addition brought both an exciting fresh face and a level of user-friendliness to the Winton Show this month.

With additional funding from the Federal Government and the Winton Shire Council, the Winton Show Society was able to extend the Fat Cattle yards.

30 new pens were added to the yard including new water troughs for each individual pen.

Winton Show Society President Carly Cox said this would help with the biosecurity of the show, as it would help prevent diseases from spreading from each cattle.

“Previously we would have to remove cows if they needed a drink and to have them drink from a trough outside,” she said.

The new pens will also improve the experience for the audience as there is now a u-shape where people can walk through.

“It will be more a more user friendly,” Ms Cox said.

The new pens will also benefit other shows throughout the year in Winton.

The funding for the pens was received on June 17, 2020, and was a result of a successful grant application through the Category C Far North QLD & North QLD Monsoon Trough Flexible Funding Grant.

The allocated amount was $120,000 and was jointly raised by the Commonwealth/ State Disaster Recovery Funds and bolstered by a healthy $20,000 donation from the Winton Shire Council through the 2020 Drought Communities Program Extension Funding Round.

The Winton Show Committee expressed their deepest gratitude for the grants.