Safe driving reminder

With the festive season underway, Longreach Police would like to remind the community about the importance of road safety, in particular drink driving.

Unfortunately, our police have been kept very busy in the past week as there has been a significant spike of motorists detected drink driving.

If you are the holder of a drivers licence it is important to remember,

Learner, Provisional and Probationary Licence holders are not permitted to drive after drinking any alcohol.

They must have a zero blood/breath alcohol concentration (BAC).

Open licence holders must have a BAC lower than 0.05.

Given the potential outcomes from drink driving the penalties can be quite significant.

They might include a trip to court, hefty fines, a period of licence disqualification, and can include up to 18 months imprisonment.

You may also be required to take part in the interlock program, which will cost you several thousand more dollars.

The message for this week is you’re heading out on the town please have a plan in place to get home.

Our police will be out and about to ensure everyone has a great night and gets to their destination safely.