School shaves for a cure

A colourful crowd turned up to support participants in Shave for a Cure at Blackwater North State School. PHOTO: Paul Albert

BLACKWATER North State School (BNSS) students came together last Friday to celebrate their annual participation in Shave for a Cure.
Their efforts saw them raise over $24,000 towards the Leukaemia Foundation.
Former teacher’s aid at BNSS Kerry Anderson said it was wonderful to see such energy and enthusiasm from the students.
“Every year, for around about 20 years, the school’s been supporting Shave for a Cure,” she said.
“The kids volunteer. Some of the girls that have long hair… they can cut it off and send it away for a wig, but they’re also shaving.
“The kids that do it are so proud of themselves.”
The audience was a sea of colour, with students bringing in a gold-coin donation to be able to wear their hair in all manner of crazy hairstyles.
Eleven participants went under the razor for the event, including students, parents and teachers alike.
The atmosphere was more akin to a rock concert, with hundreds of hands clapping in time to the pulse of the music and enthusiastic cheers erupting in support as participants shed their locks.
Mrs Anderson said she was so proud of the energy and support the community showed.
“It was such a special day. It was amazing,” she said.
“It’s like that every year, it’s such a big thing.
“It’s just wonderful. Really wonderful.”