Framing filmmaking

Filmmaker Ian Westley will share his filmmaking talents with Central Highlands resident. PHOTO: Supplied.

BUDDING filmmakers in Central Queensland are being encouraged to attend a new filmmaking workshop operating from the Capella Pioneer Village in May.
The “Framing History” acting, directing, screenwriting and cinematography workshop is set to run over two weekends on May 15 and 16 and June 26 and 27.
Rockhampton filmmaker Ian Westley said he had been trying to get the project off the ground for almost a year.
“It actually stemmed from a live theatre performance that I directed at the heritage village in Rockhampton probably two years ago now called “Living History”,” he said.
“We did five separate small plays written by local writers about the history of the area.
“We thought ‘We want to do this again, but let’s do it in a film format’.
“That’s where [we] came up with the idea of [working from] Capella.”
Mr Westley said the project would run over two weekends in May and June.
“We will run through writing, how to direct a short film, then get into some of the nitty gritty, like the cinematography and how to get the right sound,” he said.
“Then we will… working with the actors. We do a lot of work around how to act for the screen rather than for the stage.
“We’ll run mock auditions. I have some prepared scenes that I’ll get the directors, cinematographers and actors to go away and rehearse and then we’ll shoot them.”
Mr Westley said he expected the films would be shot during the second lot of workshops in June.
“The plan… is that in the time between the first workshop and the second the writers will have written the scripts, worked with the directors, said, ‘okay, these are the people we want’, so the directors will have a cast in mind.
“I’m going to bring out an acting coach with me who will then work with the actors.
“I’ll work with the directors and cinematographers and my wife Elizabeth will work with the camara crew.
“We will shoot over those few days.”
Mr Westley said although there were restrictions placed on the number of participants that could attend, it would be great to have many people attend as possible.
“Even if they don’t want to really act, or don’t want to be involved even if they just come along and watch,” he said.
“We had some people in Barcaldine [in a similar project] that came along and on the days we were filming they ran around and… helped to set up props or whatever.”
Mr Westley said he was exciting to be working in Capella.
“I love working with new people and getting new people involved in filmmaking,’ he said.
“My philosophy is that I’ll come out there and show you what I know, and I don’t know everything.
“I come out there and I shoot this and hopefully you guys don’t need to see me again because you can go ahead and do your own stuff.”
For more information or to register for the workshops email Ian at