Exciting new Island Classroom established with Great Keppel Island Hideaway for CQUniversity students

Signing the partnership between CQUniversity and Great Keppel Island Hideaway

Capricorn Enterprise CEO, Mary Carroll, said the partnershipbetween the two major regional players was designed to lighten theenvironmental footprint of the busy island property, while creating one of themost sought-after university classrooms in the country.
“GKI Hideaway is about to embark on a major environmentalsustainability campaign involving ‘green’ upgrades to their power, water,sewerage, and permaculture systems, along with important land restorationprojects, and they have sought assistance from CQUniversity experts.
“In turn, CQUniversity has spotted tremendous potential toleverage training, teaching, and research opportunities in these projectsacross fields such as engineering, environmental and marine science,horticulture, conservation and land management, tourism, and hospitality.
“What has resulted in a remarkably innovative bilateralrelationship that sees benefits flowing to both organisations. Ultimately,however, it will be the island itself that benefits the most, meaning this is apartnership of regional significance,” Mary said.
CQUniversity Vice-Chancellor Professor Nick Klomp said hisinstitution’s partnership with GKI Hideaway was a strong example of industrycollaboration for community gain.
“Our students and researchers will jump at the chance towork on real-world projects that contribute to the environmental sustainabilityof a busy tourist drawcard on the World-Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef.
“But importantly, our students’ experiences also benefit theiconic GKI Hideaway, which is a major economic driver whose ongoing viabilityis essential to so many other tourism-related businesses and service providersin the Keppel Islands and on the mainland,” Professor Klomp said.
GKI Hideaway Group Manager Kelly Harris said the partnershipwith CQUniversity would help the business transition to a much lighterenvironmental footprint using expertise from leading scientists, engineers, andconservationists.
“GKI Hideaway is committed to adopting absolute bestpractice in terms of how our infrastructure and operations coexist within apristine yet sensitive island environment. CQUniversity’s expertise here isinvaluable, and it gives us confidence to invest in these critical upgrades.
“The fact we can proceed without ‘green upgrades’ in a waythat benefits education, training, and research in our region makes it evenmore attractive for us. Everyone at GKI Hideaway is looking forward to ensuringCQUniversity has the most sought-after classroom in the country,” Ms Harrissaid.
Key features of the CQUniversity – GKI Hideaway partnershipinclude;
· CQUniversity Conservation and Land Management students,along with Horticulture students, working with GKI Hideaway on major erosioncontrol, vegetation management, tree planting, permaculture, and irrigationprojects.
· CQUniversity Engineering researchers andstudents working with GKI Hideaway on designing new power generation, waterfiltration, and sewerage management systems.
· GKI Hideaway providing beachfront land, power,and services for an eventual CQUniversity reef research field station.
· GKI Hideaway hosting CQUniversity field tripsand residential schools for students studying courses such as EnvironmentalScience, via discounted ferry, accommodation, and meal packages.
· GKI Hideaway upgrading its conference facilitiesspecifically to accommodate CQUniversity classroom or laboratory needs.
· Opportunities for CQUniversity Tourism andHospitality students to access training experiences at GKI Hideaway, withcross-skilling opportunities available for GKI Hideaway staff.