New Tip barriers in Emerald to keep residents safe

New barriers in place at Emerald Transfer Station

However, not everyone in thecommunity is happy about it, with many scolding Council’s decision on theCentral Highlands Regional Council Facebook page.
Council’s General Manager ofCommunities, John McDougall explained that the barriers have been put in placefor safety reasons.
“Under the applicable safetyregulations, we need barriers of 900mm in height,” he said.
“Council also has attendantson-site that can help with lifting heavy rubbish.
“Just need flag them down and theywill help.
“We are investigating a solo binlifting device, which we’re hoping to establish soon.
“We can’t guarantee that anattendant will be there 12 hours a day, the Central Highlands Regional Councilis liable for your safety.
“It’s a matter of Workplace Healthand Safety.
“I know it’s restrictive, but Ihave a responsibility to protect the safety of our community first andforemost.
“There’s no doubt that most peoplein the community are happy about the new barriers, but we acknowledge that thereare a number of people who aren’t.
“We’ve all got a safetyobligation.
“We need the community to get onboard.
“You just need to ask for help.”