Illegal dumping crackdown

Unsightly waste left by illegal dumping. PHOTO: Supplied

CENTRAL Highlands Regional Council is clamping down on illegal dumping in the area with a new campaign.
Council has instigated a “Give a hoot, report those who pollute” campaign, aimed at urging residents and visitors to report illegal dumping.
CHRC General Manager of Communities John McDougall said illegal dumping hurts the region in numerous ways.
“Illegal dumping and littering hurt the environment, our tourism industry, our business community, our animals and our children,” Mr McDougall said.
“As the name suggests, illegal dumping is illegal under Queensland law and can attract fines of more than $2000 for individuals and $10,000 for corporations,” he said.
“I truly can’t understand why anyone would risk paying a fine when it’s free to dump general household waste at our tips. Our commercial fees vary from $10 to $400 depending on the material, but that’s still a lot cheaper than a fine, or worse – going to court.”
Mr McDougall said that those reporting illegal dumping can choose to remain anonymous, and that all reports falling under CHRC jurisdiction would be forwarded to the waste management team for investigation.
“This is clearly something our community does not approve of, but a recent survey showed that people are unsure what to do when they witness it. So, we’ve made it simple – pick up the phone and call us on 1300 242 686,” he said.
Mr McDougall said that with financial assistance from the Queensland government council has installed surveillance cameras and signage at well-known illegal dumping hotspots.
He hopes the efforts will deter potential offenders and encourage residents and visitors to report illegal dumping.
“We are watching, but we need you to watch too,” he said.
“Catching offenders is hard, but we can try by working together. Our wonderful towns are too loved for illegal dumping to be accepted any longer.”
Illegal dumping on highways and other state roads fall under state government jurisdiction, and can be reported by calling 1300 130 372
For more information on illegal dumping and littering visit: