No more fun in the sun

Emerald State High Principal Sean Maher is excited for the new infrastructure to be completed. PHOTO: Paul Albert

EMERALD State High School students can look forward to a newly refurbished basketball court and new shade covers with construction beginning on the project late last week.
The school’s existing courts are being completely resurfaced and a steel shade covering installed over two of the four courts, with plans to shade the remaining courts in the future.
Emerald State High School Principal Sean Maher said the courts formed part of their commitment to providing more shaded facilities to its students.
“It’s sun safety more than anything. We want to make sure we’ve got some quality playing facilities for our kids.”
Mr Maher said construction began with the installation of foundational footings for the shade cover, which was completed last week.
“It’s a no muck-around set up. The whole surface is being redone,” he said.
“There’s spoon drainage along the side to stop the dirt washing onto it.
“There’s going to be a fence around it so we can lock that up.”
’-type: imageimage:- ’/assets/sean-maher—emerald-state-high-school—basketball-courts—2.jpgMr Maher said funding for the project was secured through grants and partnership with the
Department of Education, totalling approximately $850,000, with the school contributing $150,000.
He said there were plans to shade the remaining two courts should further funding prove successful.
“It will probably be a couple of years down the track. We’ve got to apply for the funding, that whole circuit,” he said.
“Hopefully next year the funding will come through, but then we’ve got project management.”
Mr Maher said shading for the tuckshop area was also planned for the future.