History exhibit holds hope for our future

Just one of the pieces displaying our rich history at the recent Historic Exhibition. PHOTO: Paul Albert

CENTRAL Highlands history was on full display with the official opening of a new exhibition at the Emerald Art Gallery on Wednesday.
The exhibition collected items from five different historical associations through the region, along with several private collections.
The Emerald RSL Sub-Branch, the Emerald History Association, The Duaringa Historical and Tourism Association, The Capella Pioneer Village and the Clermont Men’s Shed all contributed items to the collection.
Central Highlands Regional Council Mayor Kerry Hayes officially opened the exhibit.
“A lot of this, was stuff that we used every day,” he said.
“It was quite a different piece of land… this part of Queensland was functionally almost a state within a state.
“The industry was quite innovative for its time… they were actually some of the biggest, most participated in and some of the most advanced in the whole state of Queensland.
“Sometimes I don’t think it’s recognised, the importance of this rural Central Queensland area to our state.”
Cr Hayes said the efforts of those groups and individuals who coordinated the exhibition, served a vital role in promoting the area, in the upcoming tourist season.
“The last 18 months have been very difficult in terms of us having access to see some of this,” he said.
“Obviously, protocols were put in place to keep us all safe that have made it incredibly difficult for these organisations.
“We have a responsibility, coming up to a very important time of year, when tourists start to move around in our state, to be sharing all these wonderful spaces and exhibitions and all the wonderful places in the Central Highlands you can go.
Cr Hayes said he encouraged locals and tourists alike to visit the exhibitions kept by the various contributors around the region.
“There is much, much more in all those locations,” he said.
“We do have a responsibility to keep people coming to the Central Highlands.
“Get a vehicle, make a weekend, travel around and have a look.”