Goodbye Ms Wachtel

Current Principal Annie Wacthel will be leaving at the end of the year.

Michael R Williams

A part of the makeup of a local school is about to take part in the next chapter in her life.

Barcaldine’s St Joseph’s Catholic School Principal Annie Wachtel will be moving on after six years serving the community; two years as a teacher and four years as a principal.

Ms Wachtel first came to Barcaldine with her husband who got a job in the Department of Main Roads.

In the new year, she will be moving to Brisbane to work as an educational advisor.

“I’ve been a teacher for 25 years, on and off to have children,” Ms Wachtel said.

“I’ve been in State schools, Catholic schools, and I’ve also been overseas to teach in London and Dubai.”

Ms Wachtel said this school was all about community spirit.

“I think the support from the school community to attend May Day events and Anzac Day events – we put on two school musicals – the support from the Parish and how everyone is willing to chip in and help out is fantastic,” she said.

Ms Wachtel, outside of her work as a principal, has organised on the Tree of Knowledge committee, and on the Parish Pastoral Council.

“We’re always serving the school through school events, it feels like we do a lot more,” she said.

“We try to represent the school at every event in town,” Ms Wachtel said.

“We made hobby horses when there was a hobby horse race at the Tree of Knowledge Festival, we participated in the Winton Poetry Festival, and sung at Anzac Day.”

Becoming principal was not a part of Ms Wachtel’s aspirations, but when the former Principal moved on, she put her name forward and was fortunate enough to get the position.

“It’s been an incredible experience,” Ms Wachtel said.

“I’ve learned so much, grown so much.

“It’s been a very busy four years, however.”

Ms Wachtel wanted to thank the school for the past six years.

“Thank you for the memories you have gifted me; thank you for the experience,” she said.

“I will always have fond memories of St Josephs and hold everyone close to my heart.

“Thank you for trusting me with your children as principal.”