Christmas Lights Winners

Camara also won best rural letterbox in Aramac.

Longreach Region Christmas Lights Competition Winners

Ilfracombe Business

1st Prize – Bec’s Family Day Care Centre

2nd Prize – Ilfracombe Police Station

Ilfracombe Residential

1st Prize – 11 Torrs Road

2nd Prize – 9 Torrs Road

Rural Property Sign or Mailbox

1st Prize –TIE: The Ranch and Neenah Park

Longreach Street or Block

Wren Street Block, Longreach

Longreach Business

1st Prize – Centwest Engineering

2nd Prize – CQID RedRidge LATSIC CentaCare

Longreach Residential

1st Prize – 76 Galah Street

2nd Prize – 37 Crane Street

Barcaldine Region Christmas Lights Competition – Winners

Alpha Residential

1st Prize – 38 Byron Street

2nd Prize – 53 Byron Street

Alpha Commercial/ Community

1st Prize – Bank of Queensland, Alpha

Alpha People’s Choice

1st Prize – 5 Hooper Street

Jericho Residential

1st Prize – 87 Darwin Street

2nd Prize – 3 Bessemer Street

Jericho Commercial/ Community

1st Prize – Jordan Valley Hotel

Jericho People’s Choice

1st Prize – 10 Edison Street

Barcaldine Residential

1st Prize – 32 Elm Street

2nd Prize – 14 Coolibah Street

Barcaldine Commercial/ Community

1st Prize – Meraki Hair Plus Beauty

Barcaldine People’s Choice

1st Prize – 142 Ash Street

Aramac Residential

1st Prize – 54 Porter Street

2nd Prize – 13 Kerr Street

Aramac Commercial/ Community

1st Prize – Aramac Post Office

Aramac People’s Choice

1st Prize – 34 McWhannell Street

Muttaburra Residential

1st Prize – 55 Sword Street

2nd Prize – 47 Sword Street

Muttaburra Commercial/ Community

1st Prize – Muttaburra Police Station

Muttaburra People’s Choice

1st Prize – 5 Sword Street

Rural Property Sign or Mailbox

Alpha – Abeleigh

Aramac – Camara