UAP candidate for Maranoa upfront about his convictions

United Australia Party candidate, Nathan McDonald.

Nathan McDonald is running as the United Australia Party candidate for Maranoa in the federal election on 21 May.

He believes that the last thing Australia needs or wants is another ‘politician’ as Australians are generally over politics.

McDonald thinks the only way Australia is going to see real change after the federal election is to get people with the capacity and resolve to affect change voted into government.

In seeking to be elected in Maranoa, he is not wanting to become a politician.

He stated, “Even if I end up serving multiple terms in office, I will never be a politician.

“I am just an ordinary Australian who wants to do the right thing – the right thing by his family, his community, his electorate, and his country.

“I am committed to doing what is right no matter the cost, inconvenience, or opposition.”

McDonald values freedom, truth, accountability, transparency, and integrity and seeks to live a life true to his values.

Given this, he believes it is important to be upfront with voters in Maranoa about the beliefs and views that he has, so they can have confidence around the decisions he would make and how he would behave if he were to represent them in federal parliament.

In relation to his beliefs, McDonald openly declared, “I have a Christian faith.”

“I put my faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour at a young age.

“I find my purpose in serving God and others.

“I still make mistakes and am thankful for God’s love and forgiveness.

“My Christian faith grounds me and provides me with a moral compass.

“I understand and respect that the constituents in Maranoa have different belief systems.

“There are those who have a Christian faith like me, those who have a different faith to me, and those who have no faith at all.”

McDonald shared that he recognises that each person’s beliefs impact the views they hold and the decisions they make.

He highlighted that he is pro-life. McDonald said, “I believe that human life commences at conception and that when and how we pass should be left up to God.

“I understand that other people will have different views to me around these matters based on their belief system and I respect that.

“In a democracy, good public policy can only be formed through open, respectful, and robust debate.”

McDonald went on to comment on the current debate around what a woman is.

He asserted, “I believe a woman is someone with XX chromosomes who is born with female reproductive organs.”

“When it comes to sport, my view is that men and women should compete separately in select events and games if this has traditionally been the case.

“While I understand that some males identify as females and some females identify as males, my position is that they should compete with those of the same biological sex at birth. This issue is complex and needs to be responded to with care and sensitivity.”

McDonald understands that his job if elected is to represent the broader views of the people in Maranoa.

He said, “If I get elected, the constituents in my electorate will be my boss.”

“I will answer to them and be their voice in federal parliament.

“I am committed to a thriving Maranoa and delivering for the people in my electorate.”

Nathan McDonald, the UAP candidate for Maranoa, can be contacted by emailing or by phoning 0407 221 308.