Bangin’ Mums shoot-em-up on Sunday!

Maria Pallotta; Ilfracombe Clay Target Club

Ilfracombe Clay Target’s Mother’s Day Shoot was a success with nine new shooters having a crack at smashing targets.

The event was attended by Kym Webb (from the Gidgee Tree) with Danny and Kat – all from Longreach.

Ruth and Grant Harvey (Longreach) also brought Roy and Ruth (yes, double trouble) from Brisbane for some friendly competition.

Michael Williams (Longreach Leader) happily attended to have a shot, as well as Katrina and Brendan (Longreach), who didn’t need any encouragement to one-up each other!

Targets were hit and targets were missed but there was no shortage of banter between the new shooters who bravely took to the new sport like ducks to water. Thank you very much for all the new people attending as you certainly made our day, cheering when you smashed targets.

I promise you that every seasoned shooter secretly does the same when they hit targets – no matter how long they’ve been shooting for.

The usual suspects were in attendance today, all enjoying the nice cool change in the weather.

It’s a perfect time of year to be out shooting!

Thanks must go to Rob Hoolihan, Marto Hoolihan, Suzi Gunn, John Back, and Davo Back for assisting new shooters and helping out around the club throughout the morning and early afternoon.

As we come to the overall winner of the day, I must mention that there was only a one-point difference between first and second place.

The wind didn’t hold up Marto or Davo in the Single Barrel eye-opener.

Marto dropped one target in the Double Barrel event and Davo let two go in the Points Score.

Marto dropped only one in the last event which allowed him to creep ahead to sweep up the Monthly Mug from Davo’s reaching fingers.

Good shooting both Davo and Marto!

Thank you again to the new shooters who ventured out on a beautiful day to try something new.

Thank you, also, to the Ilfracombe Clay Target Club members for your help today.