GroWQ driving innovation

The GroWQ Ag Industry Roundtable provided people with a chance to learn, with 15 speakers sharing updates on numerous ongoing programs and projects. (L-R) Prue Button and Kate Urquhart.

GroWQ hosted an Agricultural Industry Roundtable on Thursday, 29 February at Longreach’s Qantas Founders Museum.

The event was in collaboration with the University of Southern Queensland, which has one of eight national Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hubs.

It featured 15 speakers, who shared updates on their current programs and projects.

GroWQ general manager Prue Button said that the industry roundtable provided discussions about resilience across the region, with engaging speakers helping to make the event a successful one.

“The discussions were rich and centred around the resilience of the region, exploring strategies for future preparedness,” she said.

“Both speakers and attendees found the day to be highly engaging and productive.

“The event was deemed a great success by all involved.

“This particular event had great importance as information was shared amongst the ag service providers, so they are able to share the information with producers better.

“There are wonderful programs and opportunities out there, but often people don’t hear about this information.”

GroWQ is a collaborative not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fostering sustainable economic growth and regional prosperity in Western Queensland’s food and agribusiness sector through business collaboration, agricultural research and technology, education and training, value addition, and infrastructure development.

Ms Button said that there are some wonderful programs already in operation across the region, with last Thursday’s industry roundtable providing a networking opportunity for those looking to solve common problems.

“The key takeaway is that there are a lot of great programs currently running in the region and lots of great things being done,” Ms Button said.

“Discussions were had, partnerships were formed to solve common problems.”

It is a busy time for GroWQ, with Ms Button saying that there are some great events to come in the weeks ahead.

“(Our) next event is Wednesday, 13 March – Western Queensland Grazing – Solutions and studies for the future,” Ms Button said.

“We have seven projects being discussed with two speakers who have adopted the research presenting.

“A wonderful opportunity to learn from amazing research.

“Saturday, 16 March – Farmer First Aid Grazing – this is being held at Rivington at Blackall and is designed specifically to help save the lives of our producers.

“The training is subsidized so more people are able to access.”

GroWQ’s steadfast commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration underscores its pivotal role in advancing Western Queensland’s agricultural sector toward sustainable growth and prosperity.