Another one on the board

Coral Williamson and the winner Michelle McKewen.

Bowls by Bones

The 2022 Ladies Championship Singles final was played last Sunday between defending Champion Michelle McKewen and Coral Williamson.

Michelle is a multiple-time club champion but Coral has been in good form going into this final.

The lead went back and forth until Michelle scored eight shots in three ends to skip out to a 14-7 lead, but Coral bounced back to catch her at 15 all after 15 ends.

Coral got it to 18-15 but unfortunately then got stuck on 18 shots for nine ends in which time Michelle took control and got the score to 29-18.

Coral tried to make another come back, but Michelle got to the required 31 shots on the 32nd end to take the game 31-22.

The turning point of this game was those middle ends where Michelle scored 14 shots when Coral was stuck on 18.

Half of the ends won by either played were single-shot ends which pays testament to the closeness of the game.

All in all a great game and a fitting final.

The other competition game was the Men’s Singles semi-final between Shawn Ryan and Darcy Browne.

Now get ready because this game will take some explaining.

Darcy started off on fire and shot out to an 8-nil lead before Shawn settled and got on the board.

Darcy held the gap and at 15-4 looked comfortable and in control.

But hey – Shawn has no quit in him and started to claw his way back into the game.

After scoring on 9 of the next 12 ends, he tied the game up at 19-all.

The score was locked up again at 22-all until Shawn regained his momentum and got it to 26 -22.

Darcy has no quit in him either and came back and tied the score up at 26-all after 33 ends.

He kept the surge going and took the win by 31-26 in a fantastic game.

It’s tradition that players have an ale together in the clubhouse after a singles game, and I asked both players what they thought of the game.

Darcy’s reply was he was “impressed with how well Shawn drew all game”, and Shawn’s response was Darcy “played draw bowls as good as anyone he’s played”.

Darcy now goes on the play defending champ Ray Harmsworth in the final.

That’ll be one for the ages.

In social triples Pete, Paula, and Amanda defeated Hawkesy, Patrick, and Baileigh 22-17.

The other game saw Ray, Bluey, and Pat defeat a very unlucky Bub, Bones, and Dorrie by 23–10.

See Bluey, I told you I’d put the score in!

The club wishes all our members going away to play district bowls in Brisbane the best of luck over the four days of play.