Chiropractor back to Longreach

Smile manipulation…Dr Duanne Spiccia is elated to begin his own business, Spiccia Sports Chiropractic, but is even happier he can continue caring for the Longreach community.

Former Western Wellness chiropractor, Dr Duanne Spiccia, has begunperiodic visits as a part of his new company, Spiccia Sports Chiropractic.

Dr Spiccia said he had formed abusiness relationship with Studio Exclusive and Gaby’s Hair Design operator, Gaby Janho.

“I’m operating out of Studio Exclusivefor now with our own set-up,” Dr Spiccia said. “When Western Wellness closed Ipromised locals I would maintain contact. I will be running appointments acouple of days a month.

“Gaby has been phenomenal by lettingus operate out of his hairdressers and he is the reason we are here. I’ve beenback once since Western Wellness shut. Feedback has been great. We can acceptbookings over the phone but it is best to book online.

“I want to help as best I can, even ifit’s in a limited capacity. It’s not optimal, but it is something.”

Spiccia Sports Chiropractic willreturn to Longreach one weekend every month.