Ride sharing the love in the Emerald community

Jay Edwards about town with some customers

Many more of its kind have popped up since, but none moreneeded than Emerald local rideshare busines.
Emerald local Jay Edwards and his wife Sally have brought amuch-needed service to Emerald.
Hitting the streets February this year, Jay’s Rides hastaken the Emerald community by storm, kicking up quite the fuss online.
Jay Edwards said he had “a few different business ideas overthe years and was involved in the footy club for a time.”
“I saw the rideshare industry was growing, so I did somemarket research and saw a need and decided to see how it would work in Emerald.Now we’re trying to really establish the business,” he said.
“I went to Brisbane for the State of Origin and tried Uberand I really liked it, which gave me the idea to have something of its kind inEmerald.
“We started at the end of February and went successfully forfour to five weeks, then we shut down when COVID hit.
“We did food delivery for three months before restrictionswere lifted, and then we kicked back into gear at the start of August.
“We have a good mix of people who use our service, butgenerally we get younger people.
“Earlier in the night we tend to get older couples andfamilies, but later on we mostly get younger people who have gone or are goingout to the pubs.
“We just started our weekday service and we’ve already hadpeople signing up business accounts to get their employees to and from theairport.
Mr Edwards said he had received great support from theEmerald community.
“We had to juggle a lot of personal things, and when westarted was the worst time to start a business. It’s been a really challengingyear, but we have been successful,” Mr Edwards said.
For more information on J-Lo’s Rides, visit their Facebookpage. To book a ride, download their app of the same name in your app store.