MaxiTRANS backs LNP plans for safer roads and investment in equipment for transport industry

MaxiTRANS transport vehicles a cut above the rest

“The introduction of the temporary full expensing and accessto previous year’s losses, will enable more customers in our industry to accessand invest in new and safer transport equipment,” said MaxiTRANS.
Businesses with a turnover of up to $5 Billion will be ableto write off the full value of any new eligible asset they purchase for theirbusiness.
For small and medium businesses, with a turnover of up to$50 Million, this will also include second-hand assets.
“This announcement is a positive for Australian business andthe transportation industry as a whole and a great step towards recovery of theAustralian economy,” said Dean Jenkins, Managing Director and CEO of MaxiTRANS.
“The introduction of temporary full expensing will drivetransport business and investment and encourage the purchase of new and safertransport equipment for the industry.”
The new support announced recently is extended to 30 June2020.
“This a terrific show of support from the Government who seethe value in transport companies investing in upgraded transport equipment,which includes new trucks and trailers.
“The increase in the size of eligible businesses from theprevious instant asset write-off incentive, means more of our customers are nowable to access the Government incentive.
“This, combined with the ability to carry-back tax lossesfrom previous years, will give our larger customers more certainty for thefuture to move ahead with medium term plans for fleet replacement during whatwill be a short-term effect of COVID-19,” Mr Jenkins said.
The budget announcement also sets out the Government’s $110Billion infrastructure pipeline, including $14 Billion in new and acceleratedinfrastructure.
“in conjunction with our industry partners, MaxiTRANS hasbeen a driving voice pushing for a safer and more efficient road network.
“The additional $2 Billion into targeted road safety is ahuge leap forward towards achieving a safer road network for all road users,”said Mr Jenkins.
As a preferred transport partner, MaxiTRANS is here ready toassist with their customers’ new equipment needs following this most recentannouncement.
MaxiTRANS bulk transport brands, which include HamelexWhite, Lusty EMS, Trout River, and AZMEB, are well-known within the industryand respective segments in which they specialise.
MaxiTRANS already have a large range of both new andpre-owned trailers already in stock and available to purchase now across itsbrands ready to assist with urgent infrastructure projects.
This also extends to their other market leading brands,Freighter, Maxi-CUBE, and Peki, which also fit within the temporary full expensingcapital purchase rules.
MaxiTRANS’ understanding is that the temporary fullexpensing incentive is available on all new capital purchases, not just aone-off purchase.
It also extends to capital upgrades to existing equipmentwhich customers may wish to take advantage of.
This includes axle and suspension replacements, new curtainsor tarps, and replacement fridge plants, in addition to many other upgradesaccessible through MaxiTRANS service and parts.
“for our customers looking to invest and take full advantageof the Government’s announcement, we encourage you to contact your accountantor financial adviser to discuss how you could benefit, all while knowing youare investing in high quality Australian-made products and supporting theAustralian economy,” said Mr Jenkins.