Chop last year away

Free haircuts helped the Central West chop away tough financial years

Reach Christian Church worked with local hairdressers to provide free hair cuts to assist families with the cost of getting children ready for the schooling year.

The pastor of Reach Christian Church Ben Kent said it can be a financial challenge getting ready for the school year.

“Reach Christian Church are humbled to be able to help others in our fantastic community,” he said.

“The cost of uniforms, books, and stationary can be enormous.

“We hope that receiving a free haircut can help parents out financially.”

Nearly 80 children have been blessed with free haircuts so far this year.

The Pastor’s wife, Janelle Kent said they were “really blessed” to be able to give back to families in the community.

“Reach Christian Church are so grateful and appreciative of all the hair salons that have taken part and helped make it a great benefit for the families of Longreach and our surrounding community,” she said.

Salons also involved in the promotion but are already booked out are Hair Envy by Ash, Rubegg 4 Hair and Sage Hair.

Gaby’s Studio Exclusive only just reopened and still has limited appointments left.

To secure an appointment please call Gaby on 4658 1451.