Birdcage Hotel renovations to improve comfort

Birdcage Hotel Business Owner, Gavin Ballard standing in the bistro area soon to be renovated. PHOTO: Michael R Williams

A POPULAR Longreach venue has gained permission from the local council to construct improvements to the existing infrastructure.

Birdcage Hotel Owner Gavin Ballard said the renovations aren’t a huge extension but rather the hotel better utilising the space within the bistro and new undercover beer garden.

“It’s the same area as what we have, it’s just to make it a little bit better for patrons and more comfortable for people in our bistro area and our smoking area will be a little bit extended,” he said.

“When I say extended it’s the same area but going right to the boundary.”

Mr Ballard said the renovations would improve the aesthetics of the hotel.

“It will be more comfortable in the bistro where it can sometimes get a bit too crowded, and we can utilise our front area,” he said.

“It will be a nice area to sit and have a meal.”

Mr Ballard said the venue’s current lot would not increase and would remain inside its current fenced boundaries but would still increase space for visitors.

“Our bistro is a little bit smaller, and we only have three tables outside,” he said.

“With this, we could potentially fit 40 people instead of the eight or so.”

Mr Ballard believed the changes would allow for patrons to be spaced comfortably within the bistro.

“You’re not going to be lining up right next to where people are sitting, it’s just to help space people out a bit more,” he said.

“It’ll be a nicer place.”

He said the bistro would have a different look, allowing a flow-on effect to the appearance of the hotel.

“It will look more modern,” Mr Ballard said.

The upgrades include a new counter in the bistro and two additional tills, installed.

Construction is set to begin in the bistro in October, with a completion date aimed for before Christmas.

The beer garden would commence work shortly after Christmas with hopes to be completed by January or February.

Mr Ballard said the renovation plans come, as a Longreach local from his eagerness to do right by his community and visitors.

“You want people to come and say, ‘Oh gee, it was good at that place,” he said.

“I’ve always wanted to keep improving the venue for local patrons and visitors alike.

“This will add to the venue and to our town.

“I think people will be more wanting to our venue, and it will benefit everyone I think.”