Dinosaur trail on kid’s bucket list

Winton was named on the list of 13 things to do before you’’re 13. PHOTO: Elliot and Emma. .

ONE of the many points of pride in the West, the Dinosaur Trail that links Winton to Hughenden and Richmond, has been given prestigious recognition.

It was named number six on the first-ever Wotif Aussie Kids Bucket list; according to Wotif this the definitive list of 13 things to do before you turn 13 and was decided by Aussie kids themselves.

“Queensland appears to be the ultimate family destination for Aussie kids, with the Sunshine State receiving almost half (47 per cent) of the total nominations,” a Wotif spokesperson said.

“The list recognises some of the country’s best kid-approved adventurous, quirky, and educational experiences,” they said.

“Gold Coast theme parks took out the enviable top spot on the list, with the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns,?Australia’s?Dinosaur?Trail in outback Queensland, and Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast also placing 2nd, 7th?and 10th?respectively.”

Wotif Managing Director, Daniel Finch said: “We asked Aussie kids to tell us what their dream travel experience in Australia would be and it’s clear today’s kids are young adventurers, excited to explore everything their backyard has to offer.

“From sleeping underground in Coober Pedy, to witnessing whale sharks in Exmouth or learning about Aboriginal culture in the Northern Territory, it’s fantastic to see how energised kids are about travelling within their own country.

?“We want to inspire families to get exploring and look for education outside of the classroom.

From Australia’s rich culture, unique wildlife, and diverse geography, we hope the Aussie Kids Bucket List motivates families to get their kids involved in the holiday planning and commit to seeing some of the incredible sights in Australia.”

A Wotif spokesperson said the entries showed Aussie kids generally want what they don’t have.

“Kids from the southern states are dreaming of a tropical holiday or “anywhere the water is warm”, whereas young Aussies from warmer climes are keen to see snow,” they said.

“As one child put it “I’d like to touch snow, see snow, play in the snow… make a snowman and drink all the best hot chocolates.”

“Interestingly, Queensland kids seem to buck the trend and were most excited to see more of their own state.”

The list proves there’s a lot to learn from the next generation of travellers – diverse with their ideas, keen to learn, and eager to see their own country – in fact, many wanted to see every state.

But while a bucket list is great for every kid to aspire to, the entries were a great reminder of the innocence kids bring.

From eating ice cream, having a mocktail (or juice) by the pool, and building a giant sandcastle, kids have a unique way of looking at things, reminding us that in the eyes of a child, it’s often the little things that count.