Longreach named best information centre

Longreach Information Centre Customer Experience Officer Michelle Ballard by the Gold Award for Tourist Information Centre at the Queensland Tourism Awards.

At the heart of every town, there is an information centre; an essentially building for every newcomer or tourist.

According to the Queensland Tourist Council, this year, the Longreach Information Centre was the best.

Information Centre customer experience officer Michelle Ballard said the award was a reflection of the hard work the team put in.

“It was a bit different this year, this year focussed on how you dealt with Covid; social media, marketing, promotions, what we did to encourage people to travel,” she said.

“So there was a big submission, a lot of work went into it, an interview.

“And our background in tourism – so, tourism as a whole and the work of the information centre.”

Ms Ballard said they were surprised to have received the award.

“Especially since we’re a small centre compared to the coastal ones, I think it probably comes back to the marketing and how we promote regional tourism,” she said.

“We have a joint strategy with the Winton Shire Council and our social media strategy was enjoined with them, also.

“We have a joint newsletter that goes out and our social media marketing takes them into account as well.”

The Longreach Information Centre also did an extensive television marketing campaign with Winton.

Going forward, the Information Centre will maintain the efforts they’ve made this year.

“We want to keep 100 per cent customer service to our operators, locals, and tourists alike,” Ms Ballard.