QLD 80% vaxxed, CW 78

Premier Palaszczuk has officially announced that Queensland is 80 per cent vaccinated, one of the goals set by Queensland Health earlier this year.

“This is a great day for Queensland,” Premier Palaszczuk said.

“Very few places in the world have got to this level of protection before a COVID wave arrives.

Premier Palaszczuk credited every Queenslander for their efforts.

“But we can’t stop here… let’s get to 90 per cent and beyond,” she said.

“Please – get vaccinated”

Meanwhile, the Central West is trailing slightly, by .6 of a percentage.

Central West Hospital and Health Service Executive Director of Medical Services Dr David

Walker said 78 per cent of the region’s eligible population aged 12 years and older was now

fully vaccinated, with 88.5 per cent having had at least one dose of vaccine.

“For the eligible population aged 16 years and older, we are already almost at the 80 per cent

mark with 79.4 per cent of over-16s fully vaccinated,’’ he said.

“We will likely pass the 80 per cent fully vaccinated mark for everyone aged 12 years and over

during the course of next week.

“We have a lot of residents in the Central West who have had a single dose of vaccine but have

not yet had their second dose, so we urge you to do so as soon as possible.

“You must have that second dose for maximal protection and time is running out.”

Mr Walker warned that once the borders reopen, Queenslander will see outbreaks of COVID–19 throughout Queensland.

“That includes here in the Central West,” he said.

“Our remoteness and relative isolation will not be any protection – as we have seen with the

recent outbreaks in remote communities in the Northern Territory.’’

Dr Walker said Central West Health would continue offering vaccinations across the region right

up until the week leading into Christmas.

“Our vaccination teams will then be taking a break over Christmas and New Year and returning

from 10 January,” he said.

“When they return, we will be focussing on delivering booster vaccinations to the fully vaccinated, as well as first and second doses as required.

“The current national recommendation is that everyone aged 18 years and over have a booster

dose six months (24-26 weeks) after your second dose and that this booster should be Pfizer.Mr Walker said for those in remote locations and have genuine difficulty accessing vaccination clinics,you can have the booster as early as 21 weeks after your second dose.

“We will also be offering COVID–19 vaccinations next year to children aged from five to 11

years, in line with national recommendations once these are finalised,” he said.

Dr Walker said the Longreach-based vaccination booking and information call centre would

close from midday on 24 December and reopen on 4 January.

“The call centre team will then be ready to take your calls about clinics restarting from 10

January,’’ he said.

He said Central West residents over the Christmas and New Year period were welcome to

email their vaccination-related queries for a response to CW-COVAX@health.qld.gov.au

Dr Walker said Central West Health over the past week had delivered vaccination clinics at

Longreach, Isisford, Jericho and Alpha.

Next week, vaccination clinics will be delivered at Barcaldine, Longreach, Tambo, Boulia, Bedourie, Muttaburra and Winton.

Bookings are recommended but walk-ins are welcome at all clinics. Booking an appointment for a first, second or booster dose of vaccine is easy as calling 1800 953 703, or emailing: CW-COVAX@health.qld.gov.au

Upcoming community Pfizer clinics:

– Barcaldine:13 and 14 December at the Town Hall

– Muttaburra: 14 December at the Memorial Hall

– Tambo: 15 December at the Town Hall

– Longreach: 16 December in the pm and 17 December, both at the Civic and Cultural Centre

– Boulia: 16-17 December at the Boulia Primary Health Centre

– Bedourie: 17 December at the Bedourie Primary Health Centre

– Winton: 20-21 December at the Winton Shire Hall.