Bowling for a good cause

Sunflower Queen entrant Crystal Brunetto is proud to give back to her community after four years in the area. PHOTO: Paul Albert

IT WAS big smiles and loud shirts at the Emerald Bowls Club last Friday as locals came out to show support for their community.
The club hosted a fundraiser for the Emerald Neighbourhood Centre with Sunflower Queen 2021 entrant Crystal Brunetto as special guest.
Miss Brunetto said it was a privilege to be able to raise funds for those in the community that most need it.
“Tonight is the first fundraiser, so we’re having a bowls night,” she said.
“We’re raising money for the Emerald Neighborhood Centre.
“They’re the people in this town who look after those who just need a little bit more help, so I’m trying to help them out.”
Miss Brunetto said the event was run yearly as a way to give back to the community and help those who need it most.
“I’ve been living here four years now, I’ve become a bit of a local, so I just wanted to help everyone out, give back to a local community charity,” she said.
“So I picked the neighbourhood centre. They do a fair bit for adults, families… if you’re sick… whatever’s happening, they’re there for you.”
Miss Brunetto said locals could look forward to an array of activities when the festival begins in Easter.
“We have the easter parade, we have floats, we have a race day,” she said.
“There’s a fair bit on.”