Hope for fisheries and fish habitats in Flynn as LNP Government delivers $8Mil in restoration grants Australia-wide

Federal Member for Flynn, Ken O’Dowd said the projectconducted by the Fitzroy Basin Authority is one of 28 projects across thecountry to share $8 Million of grant funding.
“The ‘Protecting and enhancing high value fish habitatsacross Central Queensland’s coast’ project will work to restore seagrasscommunities, considered to be critical fish habitat, that are declining due tohabitat loss and degradation.
“The project will reduce threats to seagrass communitiesthrough removal of marine debris and assisting seagrass propagation in areasexperiencing meadow loss.
“Works will be carried out in locations near GladstoneHarbour and North Keppel Island,” Mr O’Dowd said.
“These areas were identified as suitable priority forrestoration through Central Queensland University’s hydrodynamic modellingprocess, by actively engaging and involving University researchers, local recreationalfishing groups and communities.
“In this project we hope to increase our region’s awarenessand stewardship for these essential, but often overlooked marine habitats,leading to more sustainable recreational use of marine areas throughout theFitzroy region,” Mr O’Dowd said.
Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries, Jonno Duniamsaid these projects would benefit recreational fishers by improving the healthand productivity of habitats that support fish stocks and fisheries.
“Australia’s waterways are some of the best in the world,”Assistant Minister Duniam said.
“It’s critical we keep our fisheries habitats healthy so wecan continue to enjoy our world-class fishing into the future.
“This program will benefit Australia’s natural resource baseand the broader community – especially our recreational fishers.
“We will be funding 28 projects across New South Wales,Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania.
“This funding will see Regional Land Partnership providersand recreational fishing groups partner in rolling up their sleeves to directlyimprove fish habitats.
“Together, they will work on surrounding vegetation andbiodiversity in marine and estuarine areas, from tropical mangrove wetlands inQueensland, to building shellfish reefs on Kangaroo Island and restoring fishhabitats damaged by moorings in southern Tasmania,” Assistant Minister Duniamsaid.
The Fisheries Habitat Restoration Program is a 2019Government election commitment to provide $8 Million to restore the health andfunctionality of coastal and estuarine fisheries habitats.