Local students get a blast of colour for end of term

Water guns were featured during the fun run at Blackwater North State School’’s Easter Bonnet. PHOTOS: Michael R Williams

Principal of Blackwater North State School Lisa Wogan said the parade was a strong tradition for the school.
“We were worried parents couldn’t attend the day due to COVID-19, but we managed to move to a larger outdoor area,” Ms Wogan said.
“Our families got creative with their Easter bonnets, and it’s a nice way to end the term.
“This event has been around for a long time, and it celebrates a great term of learning.
“It’s around building strong partnerships with our community and makes sure parents are active parts of their children’s learning.”
The Easter Bonnet Parade was one of the many events the school held as part of their end-of-term celebrations.
Ms Wogan said the school held events year-round to welcome parents and celebrate their partnerships with the school.
“Kids love seeing them here,” she said.
“We also had our kindy friends from Live-Better daycare centre come over to help get them prepared and familiar with the school.
“It really builds the hype for Easter.”
Ms Wogan said they also held their Colour Explosion Fun Run on the day to raise funds for the P&C.
“It was the first one we have held, and the kids raised money and did an obstacle course on the oval where adults and teachers squirted them with coloured powder,” she said.
“The fire brigade also came down to hose them off.
“We raised $8,500 to go back into the school, which the student council decided would go towards football posts on the oval.”
Blackwater North State School has a student council and presidential council, which students are elected to, to help around the school.
Ms Wogan said the event was about getting out, celebrating, and having fun.
“The kids who raised the most money also got to throw water balloons at the teacher of their choice,” she said.
“It was a great opportunity for them to have fun out of the classroom with their teachers.”