A Christmas in Jericho

Local children excited to see Santa.

Michael R Williams

Jericho locals were among the last in the west to host a Christmas celebration, but the event was a massive success with over 80 children in attendance.

President of the Jericho Christmas Tree Committee Lucy Colahan said the event was full of things to do for the children.

“We had a jumping castle and a face painting for children while they waited for Santa,” she said.

“Any kid from 12 and under got a present from Santa.

“We also had the Ham Wheel, a chance to win per round, ham, chook, chocolates, or cake.”

Ms Collahan said Jericho has hosted a jumping castle for the past three years.

“It just helps spread out the kids’ entertainment,” she said.

“You know when you have 80 kids, the park we have available can’t take that many kids.

“It sort of helped further entertain the kids – and face painting, what kid doesn’t like face painting?”

The event was organised by the Jericho Christmas Tree Committee who received $1500 of drought relief funding from the Barcaldine Regional Council and was sponsored by the Jericho-Alpha Chaplaincy.

“We also received help from other committees like the Arts and Crafts who provided a barbecue so families can buy a meal while they are there,” Ms Colahan said.

“Just because we are such a small committee.”

On the night, a raffle was dedicated to Aunty Una Vale – a community member who passed away a few years ago.

“She was one of the organisers for the Jericho Christmas Tree for Forty years,” Ms Colahan said.

“Just as a thank you to her, the year that she died, we started that.”

When Santa arrived in Jericho, the kids wildly ran from one side of the park to the other.

“The kids loved it,” Ms Colahan said.

“They don’t know which side Santa comes from so they are running from the end of the park to this end of the park.

“It’s a big lead-up for them to know which way Santa is coming.”

Santa arrives in a vehicle and beeps his horn.

The funds raised on the night will go towards presents for the next year.