Tambo’s art gallery to host national prize

Cassie Swanson, Raylene Still, and Christine Bradshaw enjoying the art.

By Michael R Williams

The Grassland Art Gallery opened in November 2019, when a very keen Tambo Arts Council came together to open a facility for regional arts.

The team amalgamated funds from various corners and was fortunate to refurbish a disused shop along the main street.

Grassland Art Gallery secretary and promotions officer Alison Shaw said the gallery has a diverse program.

“We have tourist exhibitions, regional artists, indigenous work, all media including 3D work,“ she said.

“We try to have an interesting program throughout the year to encourage engagement and attract visitation into the gallery.”

Ms Shaw said it was one of the only purpose-built art galleries for a long time.

“That was something different to attract visitation,” she said.

“Tourists would come and say, “how come a small town like Tambo has a gallery like this?’.

“Well, why shouldn’t we have one?”

The Art Gallery is owned and staffed by the Blackall-Tambo Regional Council.

“The Arts Council manages the exhibitions,” Ms Shaw said.

“It’s a wonderful place to work from.”

Ms Shaw said she believes arts are making a comeback in the Central West.

“It’s a great way to engage the community,” she said.

“There’s a hell of a lot of talent out here and there’s a lot of inspiration for our artists as well.

“Even artists from the city come out to be inspired by the landscapes and interpret what they’re seeing.

“I think we’ve been through a lot with drought and Covid, life out here can be a bit tough – and the arts help by bringing people together in a very open and not in your face way.“

The Grassland Art Gallery 2022 public and exhibition program will be available soon.

“Next year we will be hosting an art prize,” Ms Shaw said.

“We will be looking to attract entrants from across Australia.

“The theme will be. “The View from my Window“.