Dave Kerrigan final words


Maranoa has been taken for granted for far too long by Scott Morrison and his Government.

For almost a decade of LNP Governments, we have seen cost-of-living skyrocket, access to GPs in regional Queensland has become harder and wages have flat-lined, and in some cases wages have gone backward.

Families in Maranoa are doing it tough because Scott Morrison has neglected the regions.

I put my hand up so I can deliver a better future for the people of Maranoa by making healthcare more accessible and fixing aged care, creating secure jobs for locals, and investing in fee-free TAFE placements in areas hit by skills shortages.

Only Labor knows how important investment in the manufacturing industry is to keeping jobs local.

This weekend, Anthony Albanese announced that Labor will invest $1 billion in advanced manufacturing, create skilled, well-paid jobs and build a future made in Australia.

The dedicated Advanced Manufacturing Fund will be part of Labor’s National Reconstruction Fund, which aims to ensure that Australia will again become a country that makes things.

Labor will also fix the aged care crisis that has crippled our nation because of neglect and inaction by the Morrison Government.

Our older Australians built this country and they deserve the respect and dignity in their care.

That’s why Labor will put nurses back into nursing homes and ensure staff that provided the much-needed care to our most vulnerable are paid properly.

And only Labor will strengthen Medicare and make it easier for you to see a GP in regional Queensland.

We will do this by delivering Labor’s Strengthening Medicare GP Grants program that will $220 million invested in our local GP practices after a decade of Liberal cuts and neglect.

This added investment will provide a badly needed boost to practices so GPs can provide better care and see more patients.

And only Labor has a plan to deliver a better future for Maranoa by easing the cost of living pressures.

We will do this by making childcare cheaper, cutting your power bills, and delivering better local jobs that are well-paid and secure.