Mike Kelly’s final words


On Net Zero

Without a doubt, the biggest threat to Maranoa is the Net Zero 2050 agenda being accelerated by the Nationals.

On camera, the Nationals say they are against it.

In February 2022, our current member (as the Nationals Deputy Leader) introduced legislation (the Biodiversity Stewardship Market Bill) accelerating the Net Zero 2050 agenda further.

Additionally, the Nationals are attempting to give the government control of the land if the landowner fails to meet the international climate change compliance requirements (set by the UN) which change constantly without consultation.

Voluntary to get in, maybe impossible to get out—with fines of up to $276,000—the Leader could not substantiate this claim.

Net Zero 2050 wants to reduce meat consumption to 14 grams (a mouthful) per day.

The KPMG Ireland study determined livestock numbers need to be reduced by 86 per cent (i.e. kill 5 out of every 6 animals) to meet the Net Zero 2050 targets. A 30 per cent reduction would decimate our cattle, sheep, and goat industries.

The Nationals are signing up for this agenda and legislating it.

It will destroy primary producers, grain growers supplying feed, butchers, transport & packaging companies, vets… (the list is endless).

Without these industries, there are no customers for the local rural community retail shops.

Basically no farms and no jobs.

One Maranoa (a non-political group of Maranoa generational farmers) is self-funding billboards throughout the electorate to spread the word about the threat of this massive global agenda.

As life-long Nationals voters themselves (no longer), their failed attempts to get clear answers from the Nationals alerted them to how serious this agenda is.

I’ve already held meetings with current One Nation Senators and we will be blocking the proposed legislation that is clearly working against the best interests of the rural sectors.

On Representation.

The next biggest threat to Maranoa is continuing to have no genuine representation in the Parliament.

There are only 105,000 voters in Maranoa.

It’s not enough to “force the hand” of the LNP’s Liberal masters who buckle to the millions of city voters at our expense.

While our current Member remains a Minister, he is bound to vote with the city-focused government.

If he wants to vote against the government and vote in favor of the rural electorate, he is required to resign as Minister and forego his larger salary and lose the social status of being a Minister. It simply won’t happen.

Because these are the rules of the party, it explains why the current member focuses on advancing his political career up the totem pole as opposed to focusing on the legitimate electorate issues. It’s not good enough.

Mainstream media (who receive a lot of advertising revenue from the major parties) drive a fear campaign that voting for integrity parties like One Nation will cause a hung parliament.

Interestingly, during the last hung parliament, $2 billion dollars was invested in rural communities because of the “horse-trading” that was required to negotiate supporting legislation.

Because Maranoa is such a safe LNP seat, they won’t invest here because they think they don’t need to buy the votes. They are pledging their election funding promises into marginal seats trying to buy those votes; at our expense.

That also explains why David Littleproud has been campaigning in Victoria and New South Wales trying to win other seats and totally neglecting Maranoa.

Interestingly, the LNP have nominated One Nation as their second preference.

This validates our conservative values and confirms they consider our party stable enough to lead if allowed.

It’s time to give us a go.