In photos: Athletics

Trudy Bruggemann; Longreach Athletics Club

Club Meet on the 12th June 2022 was a catch-up from the previous rained-out weekend but it didn’t 25 enthusiastic athletes from competing and scoring 28 PBs.

The results are:-

4 Years – Beau Dillon 2 PB’s (Long Jump, High Jump)

6 Years – Georgia Griffiths 4 PB’s (200m, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put)

7 Years – Bonnie Martin 1PB (Long Jump); Blake Hunt 3PB’s (50m, 200m, Shot Put)

9 Years – Harry Griffiths 2PB’s (145m, Long Jump)

10 Years – Lilly Turnbull 3PB’s (50m, 400m, Long Jump); Lachlan Hunt 2Pb’s (50m, 200m); Lleyton Long 1 PB (400m)

11 Years – Xander Flanagan 1 PB (400m); Fletcher Long 1 PB (400m)

12 Years – Jaylie Miller1PB (Javelin); Levi Curtis 3PB’s (50m, Discus, Javelin); Kody Hunt 2 PB’s (50m, 400m)

14 Years – Max Bruggemann 1PB (50m)

Masters – Jeff Holland 1PB (Discus)

Sunday 19th June 2022 saw a small but determined 27 athletes compete in the fortnightly hammer week events which saw 45 PBs and 5 records broken, some of which were dated back to 2004.

The results are:-

4 Years – Bonnie Rayner 2PB’s (60m, 80m) & 2 Records (60m, 100m); Beau Dillon 2 PB’s (60m, 80m); Noah Machin 1Pb (Discus); Tommy Player 2Pb’s (60m, Long Jump)

6 Years – Summer Player 3PB’s (60m, 80m, Vortex)

7 Years – Sienna Machin 1PB (Long Jump); Sam Birchall 1PB (80m); Blake Hunt 3PB’s (60m, 100m, Long Jump) & 1 Record (100m)

8 Years – Millie Player 2PB’s (Long Jump, Fly Hi Jav); Abigail Watts 2PB’s (80m, 100m)

9 Years – Alexie Holland 3PB’s (80m, Discus, Fly Hi Jav)

10 Years – Lilly Turnbull 4PB’s (80m, 100m, Long Jump, Discus); Lleyton Long 2PB’s (Discus, Fly Hi Jav); Lachlan Hunt 1 Record (Fly Hi Jav)

11 Years – Erika Holland 1PB (80m) & 1 Record (100m); Xander Flanagan 1PB (Discus); Fletcher Long 1PB (80m)

12 Years – Levi Curtis 1PB (Shot Put); Kody Hunt 1PB (Hammer); Leo McDarra 1PB (Shot Put)

14 Years – Max Bruggemann 7PB’s (80m, 100m, 800m, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Hammer)

15 Years – Jozette Jones 1PB (Hammer)

Our next club meet is the weekend of the 3rd July 2022.

It will be Program A – everyone else please be there at 8:30am to SIGN ON, warm up at 8:45am and start at 9am.

Everyone must register and pay your $2 at the secretary’s office window upon arrival to ensure that you are placed correctly into your events for the day.

Remember, athletics is action and a whole lot of fun.