Flight Scientists land in Longreach


Flying Scientists

More than 35 Longreach locals visited Joseph Edgely Memorial Hall to hear from three leading Queensland scientists at “The science of tiny things: bugs, bacteria and corals” Flying Scientists event.

Dr Alka Jaggessar from QUT spoke about her work as a medical engineer using the structure of insect wings to make tiny materials used to fend off bacteria.

Attendees also heard from two University of Queensland researchers Abigail Shaughnessy and Matthew Kenna.

Matthew’s research is about how the brain regulates and uses memory to fear one experience and not another such as seeing a spider versus a small bird.

As a marine biologist, Abigail is interested in coral reef fish and how they are impacted by changes to their environment.

All three scientists said they received lots of interesting questions about their research which made their visit all the more worthwhile.

Local scientist Ben Galea from Desert Channels Queensland set up a display stand at the event to showcase his projects and get more people volunteering as citizen scientists.

As well as the community event, the three scientists visited about 220 students at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Barcaldine State School and Longreach State High School.

The Flying Scientists program is provided by Wonder of Science in partnership with the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist.

The Flying Scientists visit regional locations to inspire student and community interest in science.