Tigers raise over $11,100 for OIL

Tom Boyle auctioning off Tiger's players jerseys for Outback Independent Living.

Michael R Williams

Over $11,000 was raised at the Longreach/ Ilfracombe Tigers Ladies Day auction for Outback Independent Living, an organisation seeking to develop housing for local people living with disabilities.

The auction was of newly designed player jerseys made for the event, and the highest selling bid reaching over $1000 was jersey 13 for captain/ coach Kien Dickson.

The Ladies Day was sponsored by and helped organised by local hair salon, Rubegg 4 Hair.

Club President Nadia Hoad said the club itself will look to add a donation itself, based on profits from Ladies Day, to add to the generous support given to Outback Independent Living from the community.

Ladies Day itself is an important day for community rugby league as it is a day that acknowledges the efforts put in by women into the sport both on the field and off.

“Whether they be volunteers, participants, wives, girlfriends, administration helpers, it’s about recognising that we all play a role in helping rugby league continue—especially out in these small towns,” Ms Hoad said.

“It’s about giving the women somewhere special to sit and get together and enjoy each other’s company.

“In most games, us women are usually doing jobs.”

Ms Hoad said Outback Independent Living was ideal for their fundraising as they wanted to keep the funding in the community.

“Adam Ballard [a possible recipient of Outback Independent Living’s services] does have a lot to do with our club,” she said.

“He comes to training with us every Tuesday and Thursday night.

“He’s one of our most loyal followers.”

Ms Hoad said there are many other people in the club with disabilities who would benefit from the housing that could be supplied by Outback Independent Living.