Athletics show the best in the west

Prisca Ballin competing in the shotput.

Michael R Williams

Children from across the central west competed on 26 July at the Longreach State High School oval to find out who had the chops to go on to represent the district.

Convenor Lars Hansen said this was an annual event which creates a competition pathway for students aged 10 years and older.

“This allows a pathway to the upcoming sunset carnival, and as part of that, our students who compete and are selected will represent the central west athletics team,” he said.

“They will then be eligible to compete at the northwest carnival, and finally, to compete in Brisbane.

“We have students driving in from Alpha, Jericho, and Isisford coming here to compete—it’s a big drive for them.”

Mr Hansen said students have been putting a lot of effort to compete in athletics, a lot of whom are eager to compete at a state or national level.

“Some students just really love the carnival, they get to see friends and family they may not be able to see often,” he said.

“We do get a lot of parents and spectators coming in to support the schools.

“Everyone had put in their best, there is no doubt about that.”