Sports of all sorts

Michael Lloyd will provide a story on local sport, weekly.

Sport and the Bush go hand in, it’s there for all to see.

Whether it be Corfield, where there are more tennis courts than people, the fact when you google map Winton, the only green patch is the footy oval, or the bowls club in each town, where often you can find the only movement on a Sunday afternoon; we love our sport. So, I reflect on the evolution of different sports out here over the years.

Yes I haven’t been here long and yes, this will be a little Longreach centric, but I have witnessed skateboarding at the Olympics and a fast bowler become captain of the Australian cricket team this year – so it got me thinking.

Sure, we have had sports that have been around for 100 plus years – rugby league, tennis has clocked up 120, and the jockey club 125!

But what about those sports that have come and gone, those who have disappeared and re-emerged, and those that are new on the scene……..seriously skateboarding at the Olympics?

It was interesting to see rugby union back on the scene last year.

Spurred on by some newcomers to town, it didn’t take much for the coals of the past to be fired up and old boys from near and far to emerge.

And, the last thing I expected to hear when I spoke to people about starting hockey up next year was, “oh yes dozens of us played back a few decades ago”.

Now hockey, and the recently introduced AFL, might not be vying for Western Queensland National League teams in the near future, but just imagine the Norm Smith medallist saying after the game, I started playing AFL in Longreach.

So what.

Well, we are a passionate and talented lot out here.

Sometimes all we lack are numbers and a private jet.

So, let’s all work together to give our kids the best opportunities, enjoy our sport, be thankful the Longreach Leader is back.

Now I’m off to buy some rollerblades and baggy pants – someone warn the hospital!