The best Christmas present ever

Local Au Pair Katherine Oliver with her Grandma Jean Montgomery.

By Michael R Williams

As borders open over this weekend many friends and families will look to reunite over Christmas.

Longreach community member and au pair Katherine Oliver will be travelling to the Victorian town of Cobram to visit her grandmother, Jean Montgomery and visiting friends and family in Griffith along the way.

“I grew up in New South Wales, my friends and family are down there, but grandma’s in Victoria” she said.

“The main person I want to see is my grandma.”

Ms Oliver hasn’t seen her grandma since Covid lockdowns began early last year.

“It will be the best Christmas present this year (to see her grandma),” Ms Oliver said.

“Because she is actually fit as a fiddle beside her hearing and her eyes – so it will go really well.

“But it’s just harder on the phone because you can’t speak to her easily.”

Ms Oliver will be driving down this Christmas and her grandma doesn’t know that she’s coming.

“I actually don’t tell her, I tell my Aunty,” Ms Oliver said.

“So when I ring the doorbell and she answers the door, she says ‘Ohh, hello.”