Museum continues winning streak

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs team.

By Michael R Williams

For the second year in a row, Winton’s Australian Age of Dinosaurs has been announced as the winner in the category of Sustainability: Organisations with Paid Staff at the Gallery and Museum Achievement Awards.

The team at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs won the award for their project, “Our past, Your Museum“, which is a part of the museum’s goals of long-term sustainability.

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs has been a business project that has been built up steadily over the past 11 years to become the tourism juggernaut that it is today.

Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum Services Manager Kim Stoter said the award was won on the back of the Museum Staff’s commitment to growing the attraction in incremental stages.

“We’ve done it in a way that it will be a viable museum in the Outback for lots of years to come,” she said.

“Heading into 2022, we’ll be offering the Dark Sky Observatory Tours and also branching into the virtual experience without education endeavours.

“Just stepping it up each time, we’re also stepping into our own unique merchandise as well.”

Ms Stoter said locals should be proud of the efforts of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum.

“Event with our visitor numbers, we’ve doubled it since this time last year,” she said.

“It’s certainly been a big boost to the town.”