Your Christmas moments

David Rawlins Senior lives in a retirement village on Sunshine Coast. This is way of sharing the Christmas spirit with the 700 fellow retirees. He has been here for 15 years and has always decorated his home with lights. At 85, he has gotten a bit old to climb so he uses his pressure to write Merry Christmas. Mr Rawlin's father was born in Forrest Grove in 1892. His father was on a property which is now part of Booloo Station. They were wiped out by fire in the 1900 drought and moved to Longreach, where his grandfather took up the position of health inspector and "nuisance" with the council. Apart from war service in WWI, his father lived all his life in Longreach. Mr Rawlins was born in Longreach in the old hospital in 1937. He joined the PMG Department in 1952 as a telegram boy and served in every designation from Postman to Postmaster.

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