Mother-of-millions / Leucaena

Mother of Millions Flowers.

Anna-Marie Moffat; Central West Pest Management Group

Mother-of-millions is a native plant from Madagascar and came into Australia as an ornamental plant.

Because of Queensland’s dry arid areas, Mother-of-Millions thrives prolifically when left alone.

This plant has been known to grow in thick Gidgea areas, but can also be found in open areas.

This plant is highly toxic to stock, especially during the flowering period or when feed is scarce.

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Leucaena (River tamarind, jumbay, white leadtree, ipil-ipil, tan tan and white popinca) was introduced into Northern Australia in the 1890s to develop a legume forage system.

Like many of our Pest Plants that we have discussed over the past few months, Leucaena has the ability to invade any area when not in a controlled environment.

Even though it is not a prohibited or restricted plant under the Biosecurity Act 2014, everyone still has a biosecurity obligation to minimise the risk assisted with this plant.

Some strains of this plant are toxic to Goats, Cattle, Sheep and Horses, hence why it is important to investigate what Leucaena is growing in your backyard.

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