Rural Property demand hike

The lychee farm had enquiries from buyers across Australia.

Rural property demand reaches a new high with people searching for a lifestyle change according to Mullholland and Co Real Estate Principal Lachie Mulholland.

Lachie said he was blown away by the level of enquiry he received when selling a 25-acre lychee farm on Tanby Road recently.

“We have a lot of buyers who are wanting space and the opportunity to make money through crops/cattle,” Lachie said.

“We also have a lot of young families who want to give their children space to grow in this region.

“This area is unique and offers the best of both worlds where people can live on acreage and still be a short distance to all amenities and the beachside lifestyle.

“The lychee farm was ultimately purchased by a vegetable farmer from Emerald who wanted to move to the area for the relaxed lifestyle.

“I had enquiries from right around Australia including quite a few fly-in-fly-out miners who wanted somewhere for their family with income producing potential.”

While selling residential across the area is the core business for most Real Estate offices, Lachie said rural properties have a lot more involvement from the owners.

“I love selling rural property, it is wonderful learning all of the attributes of a property from the sellers,” he said.

“With rural and acreage properties it is important that buyers have a firm understanding of the operation and maintenance requirements and the sellers are the main source of that information as they know the property better than most.

“Water supply and capacity are important and if the property is income producing, whether that be via crops or livestock, the owners input is most valuable for buyers.

“The lychee farm sellers at Tanby were fabulous, they did a walk around with potential buyers showing them where everything was located, explained what trees were growing and the care they required and generally explained the workings of the farm they have been working for the past 30 years.”

Lachie said right now there are still a lot of enquiries coming in from across the country for people wanting the lifestyle our region offers that gives the best of both worlds.

“Our biggest issue right now is securing the listings to show these people,” he said.

“We know a lot of people from the baby boomer age bracket are now looking to downsize and with the high level of enquiry we have, it is the perfect time to list rural and acreage properties.”