Winton outpace Longreach

The Winton and Longreach teams both survived the heat to have a great game of cricket.

Michael R Williams

Despite a strong start to Longreach at home, it was Winton’s later batters who would carry them to 338 runs going into the switch – a score Longreach would come short at just 256.

Longreach Cricket Club captain Rob Johnson said batting first, Winton had “put on a few”.

“It was good batting from young bull (Carlin Ellis),” he said.

“He put on a quick century with “bugger all balls”.

“So yeah, the bowlers tried to bowl but, just had to wave “g’day to it””.

Mr Johnson said the day was not too bad considering it was 44 degrees.

Winton captain Lionel Lenton said he was impressed with Longreach’s bowling, but highlighted Carlin Ellis who hit 120.

“Young Darby hit 64, and a couple of thirties and fourties from others,” he said.

Mr Lenton said it had been a good day to be “beating the Longreach blokes”.